Hoi, leuk dat je langskomt op mijn blog. Ik ben een 50+ en luister al die tijd al naar de naam Sylvia. Verder bestaat mijn gezin uit Hans, Yoëll . Onze hond Kaya is inmiddels overleden. Ik ben al jaren creatief bezig. Verder ben ik ook gek op koken en bakken.
Hi, thanks for stopping by. I am 40+ and as long as I have been on this world I listen to the name Sylvia. My familie consist of Hans, Yoëll. Our dog Kaya has died in the meantime. I have been creative for many years. Besides crafting I love to cook and bake.

woensdag 29 augustus 2018

Stencilfied Journal prompt 7

I am playing with this facebookgroup for a couple of months now and I am far behind with the prompts but I am oke with that . I am struggling with one prompt and I think that's the reason, so I decided to skip that prompt for now and save it for later.

 I made a lot of pictures for prompt 7 so I made a photo-video.

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